We think we've found the cat we've been looking for. Thank you everyone who helped search for him.
He was caught in one of the traps we had set up on Wilson Street, on Judith's porch.
This is where Judith had seen him a week before.
Though he no longer had a plastic container over his head and shows no signs of trauma around his neck, we're pretty confident that this is the cat we've been looking for. He fits the description of all who had reported seeing the cat in distress. Two other similar looking cats that are known to the neighborhood are home safe and no one else has come forward regarding this cat.
He had no microchip and he had not been neutered. We have had him vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, SNAP tested, and he received an antibiotic shot for his nose which seemed to be roughed up whilst in the trap.
He appears to be a feral cat. We will foster him for a while and see how he does.
We've named him Mr. Charlie Armbuster. 😻

Corn HolioComment