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"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." - Anatole France

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Teen volunteers

Northport Cat Rescue Association Teen Volunteer Program gives middle school and high school students (ages 12-18) the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of rescued cats and kittens awaiting loving for families to adopt them.

Teen Volunteers, (ages 12-16 accompanied with a parent), are asked to commit one hour each week for six months in one of our three locations with various tasks like cleaning habitats, feeding and giving water to the cats, participating in enrichment and socialization activities, and creating bonds with grateful rescue cats that will last a lifetime.


There are many reasons why teens should be excited about joining the Teen Volunteer Program with Northport Cat Rescue Association. They’ll quickly learn that the work they are doing is not only meaningful and life-changing for our animals, but can have a major impact on their own lives, as well.
Besides being a great addition to a college application or a resume, it can also:

Provide the vital skills necessary to properly care for future pets
Teach responsibility and improve work ethic
Encourage empathy and create kind, compassionate young adults
Improve self-awareness
Improve self-esteem
Make a life-changing impact on countless cats and kittens
Cultivate a service learning experience by providing optimal care for our rescue cats, while learning the importance of socialization, and enrichment

Contact us directly at (631) 606-2631, or send an e-mail to


Other Ways to Make an Impact

Students of all ages can help us create better lives for our rescue cats. Members of churches, temples, scout troops, sports teams, and all other community organizations and clubs from our surrounding community can create fundraisers or supply drives in support of Northport Cat Rescue's mission, which is to ensure all cats live healthy and happy lives.

Even the smallest contribution can create a world of difference in the lives of homeless cats. Below is a list of items you can donate to our organizaiton that will enrich the lives of all the cats and kittens we care for.

Items for Collection

Cat beds
Paper towels
Garbage bags
Kitty litter
Kitten food
Cat food
Cat toys
Soft cat treats
Scratching posts

Contact us directly at (631) 606-2631, or send an e-mail to