Northport Cat Rescue is
a 100% volunteer operated organization


It’s nearly end of September 2019. So far this year, we have rescued hundreds of cats and adopted over 70 cats. There are nearly 50 cats and kittens under our care at the moment and a few on a waitlist. Some are ready for adoption, just waiting to find a loving home. Some are kittens who are receiving medical care, or waiting to be old enough to spay/neuter. Some are cats who are surrendered, who need socialization before adoption.

We have 42 volunteer shifts to manage every week, at three different locations, caring for 14 cats and kittens.

Though we still have some work to do in our brand new Rescue Shed, such as insulation, inner walls, painted floor, etc., we have had to improvise to make room for 11 kittens in a big hurry.

Rest of our rescues are with numerous fosters, some masters, some awesome newbies, all loving families who have opened their home and hearts to help us rescue as many cats as we possibly can.

So far this year, we have spent over $29,000 in vet bills. Some rescue cats are easy peasy, others need more medical help.

Though we have some fundraising events, and a few generous donors, it's not enough. We would love the help of members of our community.

If we could reach our goal of 100 monthly sponsors at an average of $20 per month, we could raise around $24,000 per year, which would help us immensely with this challenging and rewarding task of rescuing cats/kittens.

We hope you will consider partnering with us by becoming a sponsor of our rescue organization. Only with your generosity and commitment, we can continue our work.

Thank you,

NCRA Family


prefer making a one time donation?

We’re furever grateful that you are a friend to our rescue!!!

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If you wish to contribute by checks via us mail,
Please call (631) 606-2631
or email