Swan Rescue


Alright so we're not a swan rescue but.. no way we could turn this call down to help out a stranded swan who was misplaced for some reason and couldn't find her way back to the water.
We checked with Sweetbriar Nature Center first of course on what to do. The swan was back in water in the end. We hope she was able to find her mate soon after. 😍

* Sweetbriar said they got four different calls that same day about four different swans. They suspected duck hunters might have been scaring swans out of the water. They take off scared, land away from water but then cannot find their way back to water.
They instructed us to take a large blanket, cover the whole body, including the head, pick up and hold like a football and transfer to a nearby body of water.
She was not welcomed at the pond by the other two sawns already in water, they promptly chased her out so we ended up taking her to the beach instead.

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