Jukebox has a Message

"I go by the name of Jukebox, because I sing a lot of tunes. Used to hang out over in Westbury, in a college campus. Life wasn't all that bad I guess. This guy, I guess he is a professor of something, he goes by the name Don Kershan, and some of the kids over there in college used to bring me and my buddies food and water on the regular. I don't know when my birthday is but I figure I am about a year and a half young. But I am no baby. Life is tough out there for us you know, so you gotta grow up and toughen up pretty quick, or you ain't gonna make it.

Which brings me to why I ended up in the cell. I didn't do nothing. I was just defending myself. This fat cat come rolling into town like he owns the place. Talking trash to me and my buddies. We gotta territory to defend you see. We can't just let any Jack come in there messing about, you understand? So we got into it good. I wasn't gonna go down without a fight. He bit me on the leg. Not too bad though. This professor fella and his lady heard about the ruckus and came right over to check it out. They took me to the doc and he fixed me up good. They tested me and gave me some shots. Clean as a whistle I tell you. They did this other procedure too but I don't wanna talk about that.

Then they were all like "oh you're such a good boy" and "oh look how handsome you're".  They say if I be good and don't get in no truble, they might find some nice people to adopt me and take me to a good home. You know.. that don't sound so bad.

Anyway.. I've been good and all..  So.. we're just chillin' over here, you know what I'm saying? Hit me up some time!"



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