Late Season Yard Sale - Great Success!!!

Thank you to our generous veterinarian Dr. Garretson at Greenlawn Animal Hospital for donating his giant tent. We hope to have many events with this tent so we are super grateful for this donation.
Thank you Mike for helping us bring it over and set it up. It was a lot of labor!
Thank you to everyone who donated to our November Yard Sale. We managed to fill up a 20x40 tent in under a week of drop-offs and collections of donated items. You’re all so wonderful do all that you can to help during our fundraisers.
Thank you Kirsten of Tart Nouv-Oh for her scrumptious snickerdoodles which sold out in less then an hour, so quick that we didn’t get to take any photos of them!
Thank you Diane, Pat and Rosalie for coming and helping man the fort, even though it was freezing at times.
Thank you all those who came and shopped during our yard sale.
We were open four days and made a little over a $1,000, all of which will be used to care for many rescue cats we have waiting for their furever homes.
Please think of us during your spring cleaning and don’t throw away anything until Spring 2019 which is when we will have our next yard sale. 😊


Corn HolioComment