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Feral Colonies

NCRA maintains numerous feral colonies.  Depending on how many cats are in the colony, on average, it costs around $300 a month just to feed a colony of feral cats.  Maintaining a colony is to visit each site, twice a day, regardless of the weather conditions, even on Thanksgiving or Christmas, to provide fresh food and water twice a day. Keeping the area clean and well trimmed, and shoveled in case of snow for access, building and maintaining weather proof feeding stations and shelters. Although maintaining a colony starts with trapping of all known resident ferals on each site, neutering/spaying and vaccinations before releasing them back, often times, new cats/kittens appear in the colonies.  We make sure they are also neutered/spayed and vaccinated.  Trapping cats in feral colonies require many days/nights spent setting up traps and waiting for hours at the trapping sites until finally the right cat enters the trap. In the case a feral member of the colony needs additional medical care, we trap them, take them to our veterinarian and nurture them back to health before releasing them again.

We greatly appreciate any help we can get to continue caring for these feral cats. For $20 a month, you could become a sponsor of a feral colony maintained by Northport Cat Rescue. All of your donations are 100% tax deductible. We thank you for your generosity!