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Sponsor one tnr a month

As we all know, Trap Neuter Release (TNR) is a humane way of controlling the amounts of cats that live in sometimes terrible conditions outdoors. Good samaritans, here in our local community and throughout the country and the world do all they can to help care for feral and/or stray cats, but it is an overwhelming task without the TNR component. Single female cat, as young as seven months old, can have up to three litters per year, an average of 3-6 kittens per litter. That’s a lot of kittens being born in unsafe environment with no medical care, continuous source of nutrition, proper housing for changing weather conditions. All local shelters constantly full, never enough TNR certificates to go around, rescuers, individuals or associates of many rescue organizations desperately scramble to help as many cats/kittens possible, but seems, we are always overwhelmed. The most important piece in this puzzle is to perform as many TNRs as possible.
At Northport Cat Rescue we try to do just that and with your help we could do much more.
Every sponsorship for one TNR a month can ensure that we are able to make a real change in our communities. One person, sponsoring 12 TNRs a year is a sure way to reduce the numbers of cats in need.
We hope you will consider becoming a sponsor in this program.
Please click the link below to make monthly recurring contributions of $60 through your PayPal account.
If you’d prefer to become a monthly sponsor using a credit card, or pay by check, please give us a call (631) 606-2631 or email northportcatrescue@gmail.com.
Thank you!!!

Once you click the yellow Donate button, a PayPal window will appear. After you login your PayPal account, please enter $60 in the amount box that pops up and check "recurring monthly" option. Thank you!