habitat sponsorship

Currently, Northport Cat Rescue habitats can house a minimum of 10 cats at any given time, more if we have young siblings that can share a habitat.

We’re looking for awesome individuals to sponsor these habitats. We’ve named each habitat after an alumni cat who has carved our memories furever. Please pick one of our alumnis below and support many rescue cats that are housed with us until a loving home can be found.
Habitat Sponsorship is $20 per month

Nino Beach
Jukebox Alley
Black Bean Cottage
Caleb Hollow
Rocco's Modern Lodge

Vinny's Sin Bin
Watson's Creek
Draco's Lair
Bun Bun's Hutch
Merlin's Castle


Shaquille's Biscuit Shack

Shaquille was a handsome fella. He loved to dance, or make biscuits. He went to a very loving home.


jukebox alley

Jukebox! Oh how we all loved him. He used to live in a college campus as part of a feral colony. We brought him in for treatment when he got injured. He was so friendly, we just couldn’t put him back. He followed commands like, up, down, come, paw. He loved bellyrubs. He was in various habitats for a few months. At last, someone fell in love and took him to his furever home. He is doing great and is showered with love everyday!


Rocco’s modern lodge

How cool was Rocco? Very cool!
Rocco came to us extremely stressed from an extremely sad and stressful situation. His human mom suddenly passed away. He, another cat and two small dogs were abandoned by their human mom’s boyfriend. He simply left them alone in the apartment, left to never return. It was clear that Rocco was very loved. Though seemed very terrified and a little aggressive at first meet, Rocco started coming out of his shell in foster care and quickly became very affectionate. He was a chatterbox, which is always the cherry on top!
We eventually found the bestest home for Rocco. He lives happily ever after with his awesome new family who adores him.