Emergency funds needed for medication

These four blind kittens have been rescued by Northport Cat Rescue Association and currently being fostered by one of our wonderful foster families.  They're receiving around-the-clock care.  In addition to needing frequent feedings as kittens do, these poor kittens are suffering from a terrible viral infection and they need to be treated every two hours with Viroptic.  We're hoping to stop the infection from getting worse or maybe even lessen some of the damage already occurred in their eyes. They go through two bottles of the prescription medicine every two days and each bottle costs around $200.  We're in desperate need of donations to cover the cost of this medication.  Please consider helping us.  We are grateful for any amount you can donate. 



September 2018

“Quick update on the blind kittens. Uma has full vision. Ursula has very close to full vision. Ursa has 1 blind eye (maybe see light, shadows or outline out of it). Other eye good. Usher is blind in both eyes but can see thru the scarring & cloudiness. (Again maybe light, shadows or outlines). Uber blind both eyes but not real sure how much he can see thru the scarring n cloudiness. He won’t follow a laser light but knows his way around here already. Once he has his mind focused on something it’s hard to distract him with a toy or something. He always on an agenda to get as much attention as he can get! This is the day we got Uber photo & a photo I took just before. Can’t thank everyone enough for all their thoughts prayers & donations for their eye meds. As you can see this is the reason we do what we do.”
Dyanna Wunsch, Foster



October 2018

“My boy Barli enjoying a back rub from Uber whom is vision impaired.”
Dyanna Wunsch, Foster

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November 2018

GREAT NEWS! Usher and Ursa have been adopted by a very nice family! They are two kittens from the litter that we had been collecting donations for, Usher is partially blind on both eyes and Ursa is blind on one eye.
We are so grateful to all of you for your generous donations. Our foster Dyanna Wunsch and her family have worked tirelessly to give this litter of kittens all the love and special care they needed. NCRA is lucky to have such a loving foster family on board.
In the end, Ursa and Usher ended up with the best family they could. We are grateful to them and everyone that helped and wish all the best for the kittens and their new family. 💞