Northport cat rescue association inc.


 Don at Northport Library

Don at Northport Library

Our mission

Norhport Cat Rescue Association Inc.  (NCRA) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which means as donors you will be allowed to reduce your taxable income by deducting the amounts of your donations to NCRA, and thus reduce your personal income tax.

Our mission is to rescue abandoned or abused cats in our community and through a fair and reasonable adoption process, find forever homes for our furry friends.

What we do

We try to do as much as we can to help as many cats as possible.  In a perfect world, there would not be any homeless, hungry, injured or sick cats out there trying to fend for themselves.  Though we are aware that it's not a perfect world and it's not possible to save every cat in need, rather than being discouraged, we focus our energy on helping one cat in need at a time.  With that determination, we were slowly able to grow our organization. Currently, we have habitats in three different pet shops, and have partnered with many foster families.  That's more than twenty-five cats off the streets at any given time.  As each cat gets adopted, we immediately rescue another cat to place in our habitats or bring one ready for adoption from our foster care.

In addition to cats placed in our habitats in pet shops and with our foster families, we perform Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) operations in our community to help reduce the number of homeless cats.

Yet there are many cats in our communities who have become feral, hence un-adoptable.  They live as part of feral colonies.  We look after several colonies in our neighborhoods.  This entails visiting the sight at least once a day, feeding and providing fresh water, building and maintaining safe and weather proof outdoor housing, be on the look out for any injured/ill cats, trap & transport to a veterinarian for any medical assistance that they may need.

100% of all adoption fees, donations received, monies raised through our many fundraising events go to the care and medical needs of our rescued friends in our habitats or in foster care, TNRs and feral colony maintenance.

We are so grateful to all of the families who have chosen to adopt one of our rescue cats, many wonderful volunteers who help care for all of our cats twice a day, seven days a week, our loving foster families who open their home when a space isn't available in our habitats or if any of rescued cats need special care and/or socialization until they are ready for adoption, and everyone who donates to our organization.

Together, we have rescued hundreds of cats and placed them with loving homes, which is all we wish to accomplish in the end.

 Joe the Santa

Joe the Santa

 Joe and Judy at Pet Expo

Joe and Judy at Pet Expo

Who we are & OUr History

Northport Cat Rescue Association was founded by:

  • Joe Thamm, a local businessman,

  • Don Kershan, a science professor, and

  • Dr. A. Anthony Ripani, DDS

Northport Cat Rescue was founded in October 2012 by Joe, Don, and Anthony had been independently working with feral cats for a number of years, as well as volunteering for various cat rescue organizations. The three of them shared a passion for caring and saving cats.  Discovering a need for seemingly endless amounts of abandoned and injured cats in their own community, they've decided to create a local organization that would serve cats in need in their community.  We're happy to report that though the organization is very young, hundreds of cats have been rescued and placed in loving homes.

It's important to mention, that none of this would be possible without the help and support of their wives, Judy, Diane and Angela!